Marley Spoon has changed my life as a nanny

When I started off as a nanny around 10 years ago, I thought I was aware of everything about keeping those little bodies nourished.

 But as the time starts to pass, I realized that there is so much to learn and implement. For example I didn’t know that Genetically Modified Foods can harm the wellbeing of the children I am looking after. I was introduced to Marley Spoon in the nanny community a few years back and I haven’t looked back since then.

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No matter which household I work for, I will always recommend Marley Spoon and its incredible meal kits to the parents. It doesn’t take much persuasion; in fact they appreciate the organic and healthy foods by the company. I also use the Marley Spoon promo code to get the extra discount at their promotional sales.

Why I recommend Marley Spoon as a nanny?

There must be a hundred reasons why I would always recommend Marley Spoon over other meal kits, but I want to share a few that has really won my heart.

1.    The incredible baby blends

As a nanny, I have witnessed mothers worrying about the weaning babies. It can be difficult to create a diet plan that includes all the nutrient a weaning baby requires.

This is where the Marley Spoon helped me convince the mothers that the baby blends created by the company has nutritious ingredients. The iron from the spinach to the vitamins from the broccoli is all incorporated into the baby blends.

2.    The accessible finger foods

There is another category that is perfect for toddlers and big kids. These finger foods or plates are organic ingredients that are cooked or baked at the right portion. The exciting and delicious foods are created specifically for this age group.

3.    Never late with deliveries

In my years of experience with Marley Spoon, i have always received the packages on time. You can order a week before to plan ahead, if you are going to leave the city for a while and want to pause your subscription; you can do so without any extra fee.

Your subscription will continue without any hassles or admission fee. You can also receive free shipping with the deliveries. Believe me when I say this that the on time deliveries has saved me from a cranky toddlers.

4.    The unimaginable price points 

With Marley Spoon you don’t have to go overboard with your budget. You will be surprised with the starting price points 6.99$ for a meal kit. As a nanny, I am allotted a budget for the children I take care of and having to spend it in the most eloquent manner is what Marley Spoon did for me.

5.    Multiple promotions

Marley Spoon like to spoil their customers, from seasonal to promotional sales, you will find everything on their website. You can also use Marley Spoon promo code to reduce your total amount even further. Nanny or no nanny, this is a treat you should not miss!